Dame Makea Karika Margaret Ariki

Celebrating Cook Islanders from across the globe. Their achievements, their accomplishments, and their being a loud and proud Cook Islander. These people have excelled in business, built amazing relationships with the international sectors, are creative geniuses, educational stalwarts, the best health practitioners, progressive community leaders, the best sportspeople and youth with passion.

We are celebrating those that have made a difference, or an impact in our lives, and the lives of our fellow Cook Islands and Pacific people!


Get your hands on some of our classics – Poke, Mainese (Cook Islands potato and beetroot salad) and yes, doughnuts – and try some of the lesser known foods – Mitiore or Rukau, baked or as a soup. There are 15 islands in the Cook Islands, so there is bound to be something unique and different from each of those places.