Maurice Tuareka

It is with a sad heart that we acknowledge the passing of an educational hero, and triumphant advocate of Cook Islands language and culture, Maurice Tuareka.

Maurice was the founder of the Tuareka Goodstory Charitable Trust, establishing early childhood education centres across Auckland with the focus being Cook Islands language and culture. His passion for education fused with the visions of Te Maeva Nui NZ founder Noo Pare, and together with Charlie Borrell, and Vincent Peters, Maurice and his partner Maara Teariki helped form the foundations for Te Maeva Nui NZ. His ailing health became an issue and he stepped down from a governance position with the Te Maeva Nui NZ board.

That same year, Maurice worked with his organisation to give money to groups in order to kick start their Te Maeva Nui NZ journey. His organisation were also instrumental in getting the Vaine Rangatira awards of 2019 off the ground.

Our condolences go to his family at this very difficult time.