Te Maeva Nui NZ returns in July

The Te Maeva Nui o Aotearoa New Zealand board is proud to announce the second bi-annual Te Maeva Nui Festival celebrating the Cook Islands people, community and their uniqueness by showcasing their Arts, Culture and Heritage.

Eight amazing Enua and Vaka will perform over two action packed days of competition at Auckland’s Barfoot & Thomspson Stadium on July 23 -24 2021.   There will be an array of beautiful vibrant costumes, jaw dropping dancing, phenomenal traditional drumming, the marketplace, Cook Islands culinary treats and much more.

Festival Director Duane Wichman-Evans says “After fifty-five years in the Cook Islands we are very blessed and privileged to have the Te Maeva Nui Festival here in Aotearoa New Zealand for the second time. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring family, friends, villages and community together to embrace and uplift our culture through our language, song and dance, performance, arts and craft, fellowship and of course food”.

“Our Theme for this year is RESILIENCE. In these uncertain times due to Covid19 we stand in unity showing our strength to withstand adversity. We encourage building bridges to link our Cook Islands community in Aotearoa to back to their homeland. For all our performers it is a place to stand proud and shine, and be part of their Vaka, Enua and villages. Te Maeva Nui is an opportunity for Cook Islanders, and Pasifika in New Zealand to stand strong, reflecting on their heritage, whilst paving the way to a better future.”

There will be over 1000 performers ranging from 14 years to 65 years of age. Many NZ born Cook Islanders haven’t been to their mother land and don’t speak Cook Island Maori. Now in rehearsals the groups are learning the traditional art of costume designing, weaving costumes, drumming, composing, singing and song writing – language and culture at the forefront.

The Te Maeva Nui Festival Aotearoa has created a foundation for these things to happen.

E patu ite are varanga, Ki runga ite turanga, Nga ue ue kore.

Build your future on solid foundations. My identity is my foundation.

Tickets for this event will be available online at Ticketmaster and from key community locations.

For more details contact Kim Marsters